Thoughts on Living Alone, a Year Later

Thoughts on living alone, a year later.

This week marks the first anniversary of moving towards another kind of day to day. I’ve moved into my own place to live alone a year ago now and, as you probably know, I’ve already talked several times about the subject – things I’ve learned living solo, things I’ve learned from buying my first flat and leaving home at 26 – but this time I wanted to dig deeper.

Figuring out what to expect from life

First of all, we all need different things in life. To some, it might be to settle down and start a family, to others it might be to travel the world and see the great unknown for example. While the future is clearly uncertain and everyone’s goals might not be perfectly clear, I believe that timing is important and not everybody is set on the same clock. When things get tough, it might just be the wake-up call you need. Bumps in the road are meant for you to take action and move in the right direction. And by that, I mean the direction that is right for you. Because I think I only realized recently that there is not just one universal and perfect way to live your life and that change is a good thing (although very scary I admit).

Thoughts on living alone, a year later.

Deciding when to embrace change

So a year ago, maybe almost two, to be fair, I needed my own kind of change. I always told myself I would have to leave the comfort of my parents’ home to actually « start » my own life. Of course, I’m not saying that all the years I’ve lived there were meaningless, but by that I mean carve my own path, make decisions for myself and support myself.

That’s when I was ready to visit a few flats and I was very lucky to come across just the one I needed after visiting only four of them. I had saved up what I consider a good amount of money to make my first property purchase.

I know it’s less and less common to find millennials (even if I hate the word – let’s say people of my generation) getting a big loan like they don’t want to have any roots and I respect that, it just wasn’t that for me.

It makes you stronger as a person

For me getting through all of the difficulties that go with becoming an owner has helped me gain confidence. The fact that I’ve done such a big thing still amazes me, and it’s good to acknowledge our accomplishments. In a society where we’re facing stress and comparison every single day, it’s a good thing to reflect on how far we’ve come. It’s far from perfect at all times, of course, I’m quite happy with my little place and so grateful for it. I’m very happy to be living in a capital, where everything is so convenient to get and easy to get to, and being a homebody I probably don’t make the most of it, but you know what? That’s absolutely fine.

When doubt creeps in, it’s important to remember why we did it in the first place. Sometimes I find myself wondering why I’ve decided to go through such a thing. Why am I missing out on my family when I’m eating dinner all alone? Sometimes it can seem like such a hassle to have to endure all the tasks and responsibilities by myself but I just know it is right and freeing.

Thoughts on living alone, a year later.
Thoughts on living alone, a year later.
Thoughts on living alone, a year later.

All in all, I really don’t consider that living on your own is a gigantic feat – some people crave alone time while others can’t bear it. Some have been doing it for years or taking this step from an even younger age, sometimes with the intention to even discover another country and culture.
But it’s my own achievement and I hope sharing my experience will help you go after the things you desire most x

Have you taken a big leap recently or made some changes to your way of life?