Interiors: The Bedroom Tour

I hope you’re not tired of hearing me talk about my flat already (thank god I have a tiny one, right?!) but here is the last room: my bedroom! I’ve had the whole flat done, everything was a mess when I got the keys (electricity, plumbing, walls, floors, everything except the windows that are the only thing I kept). I might do a final round-up post with before and after pictures so you have an idea of how far we’ve come.

The reason I’m posting this tour only now is that I didn’t have any hanging light for so long (a year) and only just found one that I liked enough to purchase. There were some necessities I had to purchase right away of course but when things like that aren’t important, I like to take my time so I don’t make a silly purchase that I only half like.

As you can see, the room is quite small so there’s not much room between the walls and each side of the bed. It was really the best option to have the bed in the middle of the room because 1) it didn’t fit if I wanted to put the headboard against the wall (I mean I couldn’t move around the bed at all) and 2) the old built-in wardrobe was already in this location and it was best to keep it that way as it would have been too voluminous to have it separated.

As I didn’t have any space to add a desk/drawers/bookcase, I decided to go for a headboard that could stand as a somewhat storage space for my books/dvds/notebooks/jewelry boxes and all that stuff. I can still have easily access to my wardrobe and things look kind of tidy that way.

Now on to where everything comes from. You’ve seen it many times but the side table that welcomes the rubber plant is from a shop called La Maison Coloniale. I spotted it in store before I even moved here and it was love at first sight, however cheesy that sounds. It’s made of wood and copper. Above it is a vintage gold brass mirror I found on eBay. The curtains and curtain rail are the same as the ones in the living room – curtains are from Madura and the rail is from Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin is a french supply store that has been renewing its products over the years and I find they have really interesting and affordable decorating stuff. Both the light fixtures from my bedroom are also from Leroy Merlin (here and here).

The small shelf on the wall is from Muji and the London print is from Rifle Paper Co (had it in my old bedroom already). The copper frame is a gift from a friend of mine and it was bought in a shop called Potiron. The print is a photograph of mine from the parisian Parc Floral.

My bed’s got storage underneath so that’s really convenient! The duvet cover is a basic Ikea one I haven’t replaced yet (and probably gonna keep) and the cozy throw is from Oysho.
The covers of the small pillows are from H&M Home and the large pink ones are from Le Monde Sauvage. Both types are linen.

Over the headboard, I’ve also got a small platter from J.Crew that I bought a while ago in London and a planter from La Redoute Interiors. The little umbrella from Anthropologie serves as a ring and earings holder.
And yes, that glass box next to my books is empty. It’s from the brand House Doctor and I used to store all my nail polish bottles in it but since I moved into my own space I’ve been storing them in the bathroom with my makeup and I just don’t know what to use that beautiful box for. If you have any idea, please share!

The wardrobe and the headboard furniture were built by the renovating guys. Read about how I planned out the design of my wardrobe here.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me anything!