Spring Inspiration & New Pieces

Spring Inspiration & Some New Pieces

I don’t really know what is this post about. Do I want to show you the new items in my wardrobe that made my heart melt recently? Do I want to talk about what « floats my boat » lately in terms of style? Maybe a little bit of both. And maybe I also want to talk about how I’ve been embracing change and trying new things.

I’ve been itching to clear out my wardrobe with the new season rolling in. Last time I did was when I moved out, almost a year ago now (!!!). I’m pretty sure there are loads of stuff I can set aside and give away.
Sadly, I’m a bit lazy and I’ve been doing everything wrong. Meaning that I’ve been shopping before making space for my new purchases. Oh yeah! What’s good though is that I’ve really managed to buy pieces that were missing from my closet and that doesn’t feel like they were impulsive purchases.
I’ve been pretty strict with my budget these last months and it feels good to let loose a bit. I’ve also been trying to figure out the best way to manage my finances and I’m currently testing a new approach. Maybe I’ll talk about that in another post if that interests you and if it proves itself to be super beneficial!

Thanks to the likes of Pinterest and fashion bloggers (I used to never follow fashion blogs, until I’ve found some that I could relate to or which style « spoke to me »), I have a feeling that I’m defining my kind of style by narrowing down the things I can see myself in and that make me feel good. At the moment, I’m very much into shirts or jumpers tucked into jeans, cross-body bags, pointy shoes. See inspiration board below.

The pink blush shirt I’m wearing in the photos is from the brand Swildens. I didn’t know about it before I bought it at Merci, a concept store in Paris that really has beautiful pieces, both for the home and for clothing. The shape is a bit loose and the cotton so soft. I’ve worn it to a family dinner this week and got so many compliments!

Spring Inspiration & Some New Pieces
Spring Inspiration & Some New Pieces


Along with that, I bought some basics like a black blazer a couple of months ago (which I scored for a really good price on Asos compared to how much it costs on the Selected Femme website!), a white t-shirt (I know, sounds pretty boring, but believe me when I say I didn’t own any decent white tee) from & Other Stories, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans, also from & Other Stories. I really like the look of straight leg jeans at the moment, but it’s not a style that really compliments my shape so here goes another skinny. At least the color is very different from what I already own and it will be refreshing for Spring.

I’ve also bought this pair of black trousers from COS with pleats on the ankle. It’s so different from my usual outfits and I love the look of them either with low sneakers or high heels. I’ve actually copied my mom who bought them first, is it a cool thing to say?! Eh!

Last but not least, I managed to hunt down a pair of Chuck Taylor ’70 Converse in Parchment – a beige shade that literally goes with everything – and I’m not saying the word HUNT lightly. They were out of stock everywhere in Paris and it’s been such a fuss.

I think I’m done shopping for a while now, must get to that clear-out! Also, remember how I said I was toying with the idea of getting bangs at the beginning of the year? Well, I guess you only live once as they say, so I’ve done it! It’s been two months and I’m still getting used to it. Sometimes it’s cooperating well, sometimes it’s not, but I don’t regret it at all! I guess what I’m saying is that if you’ve been contemplating change for a while, do it! And try new things, style-wise or not.

Style Inspiration

Sorry if this post feels like the words just blurted out of my mouth! How would you define your style and where do you get your inspiration from?