My Plant Collection

My Plant Collection | Scindapsus Pictus
My Plant Collection | Sansevieria Cylindrica
My Plant Collection | Scindapsus Pictus
My Plant Collection | Peperomia Obtusifolia
My Plant Collection | Calathea
My Plant Collection | Sansevieria
My Plant Collection | Haworthia
My Plant Collection | Rubber Plant

I think that along with the excitement of having to buy all the furniture for my flat when I moved in, I was terribly thrilled to finally add a touch of greenery.
I never cared much for plants when I was living at my parents’ because I wasn’t the one taking care of them, obviously, but I have the vivid memory of a great Sansevieria that my parents owned back then that was spectacular. So spectacular that my baby brother had left his print by biting into one of the leaves and you could see the marks of his tiny teeth – ah I wonder how and why we got rid of that one.

As of today, I own seven plants and the first ones I’ve added to my little home 9-10 months ago are still alive! I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve only killed one so far (please let it be that way). I love taking care of them. I’ve never been into pets (I’m too terrified by them) so at least I have small living things to care about too, kinda! I’m no expert in the way you should care for your plants, I’m still trying to figure things out, so I’ll just enumerate the different kinds I own, hope you’ll still find that interesting!


From left to right, top to bottom:

Scindapsus Pictus (or pothos): My latest addition to my living room! I fell in love with those leaves once by spotting one in the BHV (a department store in Paris) and was on the hunt ever since. I didn’t have any shelving up by then so I wasn’t sure it was the right size. When you look at the leaves more closely, you see that they are made of silver fibers that make them so precious. I’m so glad I got it, it’s incredible.

Sansevieria Cylindrica: A few months after I moved in, I was looking for small pots to decorate my bathroom. There’s a glass wall between my bathroom and my kitchen (you can see it in my bathroom tour) and it was a nice way to decorate the ledge so that the plants could be seen from both rooms. Right now I moved this one to the shelves in the living room but its two sisters are still in the bathroom. I don’t know why the new leaves aren’t cylindric but hey, as long as it’s still alive!

Peperomia Obtusifolia (or baby rubber plant): It doesn’t show in the photos but this one is a bit hunched. My diagnosis, from the non-expert that I am, is that maybe the leaves are too heavy for the stems. Also, the soil is so limited for such a small plant that it gets dry quite quickly. Bigger plants are easier to take care of in my opinion. It might be a good option to replant it but I’ve never done that, any tips?

Calathea: Ha this one is a funny one. Every day I don’t know if the leaves are gonna stand super straight or if they’re gonna be all droopy. Thirty minutes after taking these photos, all the stems went up! Boo. It’s so lovely though and I’m super excited as I’ve noticed two new leaves this week, it hadn’t happened for a while.

Sansevieria: Of course my childhood memory of the mother-in-law’s tongue played a big part in the fact that I chose to have one around. It’s not quite as big but still as beautiful. It’s also known as being one of the easiest plants to keep alive so it’s a good one in my book!

Haworthia: I spotted this one at a flower market in Florence last Summer and had to bring it home. It has grown so much since then and I’ve put it on top of my headboard. I’ve found the perfect blush planter at La Redoute to go with it and it’s from the beautiful Belgian brand Serax.

Ficus Elastica (or rubber plant): I’ve started the post with my newest plant and I’m closing it with the first plant I ever got! I couldn’t find the exact type of rubber plant this one is as it’s not your typical one so if anyone knows about it, please tell me! This plant looks like a little tree and it’s the biggest I own. The new leaves always grow in pairs, glued together and then they open up and it’s the cutest thing. It found its place in my bedroom and stands on a copper side table. Is copper on copper too much? I really don’t care!

And there you have it, my plant collection. I know it’s not that big, I’d love to have more – there’s incredible greenery inspiration on Pinterest and so many kinds I’d like to own (I wouldn’t mind a tiny cactus next! and I dream of owning a Fiddle Leaf Fig someday) – but my flat is small and I have to keep things practical you know. I already have comments like « you like plants, don’t you? » when people visit me so I guess it’s showing a bit already?!

I wanted to talk about a few other things regarding plants like where to buy them in general and my favorite places in Paris but the post is already long enough so I’ll have to write a second plant-related post. That okay with you? :)

Do you like plants? What are your favorite types?