Inspiring People I’ve Discovered on Instagram

Inspiring People I've Discovered on Instagram

I know a lot of people have been complaining about Instagram lately and how they’re getting less engagement but I’ve never seen the difference on my part and if anything I love the platform even more now. I love figuring out who liked what between the people I follow and the rest of my feed, and I love Instagram stories too, strangely, as I never got into Snapchat. Even though it’s time-consuming and I probably really open the stories of about ten people at most.

I wanted to share the love today as I feel like it’s been forever and share with you the accounts I’m really obsessed with at the moment.

LIZZY HADFIELD / @shotfromthestreet – I’ve discovered Lizzy at the beginning of the year and have been obsessed with her various channels ever since. She knows how to pair basics with statement pieces and her style is so inspiring. If you watch her Youtube videos you’ll know she’s very friendly and laidback. She does “testing basics”, a series where she compares basic items from every price range, it’s genius and totally addictive!

MARLENA PEARL / @marlenapearlphoto – Marlena’s photography really makes my heart melt. Her photos from Island are breathtaking along with everything she shares on her account. I would definitely buy a print from her shop if she sold them (she currently have a stock shop). Might have to ask her about that!

ANNE / @anneeeck – Anne is a blogger from the North of France who mixes lifestyle and interior posts with a lot of travel in between. I already knew her blog “Le chien à tâches” which means “the dog with spots”, literally, in reference to her dalmatian dog, but never really got into it before until last year. So I can say that I’ve rediscovered her through Instagram and I’m really happy about that because she’s one talented girl.

JULIE SARPERI + RENAUD BONNET / @carnetstraverse – I often visit the profiles that like my photos and sometimes you discover absolute gems by doing so! This account is held by two Frenchies that clearly have an eye when it comes to photography. They’re travel bloggers and their photos are outstanding.

GRACE GORDON / @gracegordonldn – I love discovering new online businesses, especially when the products are so neat and beautiful. Grace Gordon’s handbags are gorgeous items and her Lucy bag seems like the perfect companion for me. But I like to see and touch my handbags before buying them and as Grace is UK based, it will probably forever stay in my dreams! However, her account is so aesthetically pleasing that I don’t mind having a peek from time to time.

So yeah, as you can tell, I’ve really been into travel and fashion lately! I have the urge to renew my wardrobe and discover parts of the world that I would never have imagined I’d want to go a few years ago.

Inspiring People I've Discovered on Instagram

Do you have any account to recommend?! Who's been inspiring you lately?