How to Build & Organize Your Own Wardrobe

Build Your Own Wardrobe

I’ve yet to post my bedroom tour (there’s not much else than a bed and a wardrobe anyway!) but something I wanted to talk about is how I organized my wardrobe. It was necessary to start from scratch as the space was empty in the room and because of its weird sizing, I had to have it custom-made. You could, of course, take those tips with you and apply them to an Ikea wardrobe, it would work just the same!

Plan it out

If you happen to have the chance to choose the layout of your wardrobe, it must be good to design it according to what you own and to your preferences. I know Marie Kondo says that you shouldn’t buy storage that suits your belongings but to rather have it the other way around so you’re stuck with the right (littlest) amount of stuff, but if like me you never have enough space and can’t see how this whole capsule wardrobe trend would work for you, then I recommend that it suits your needs in terms of capacity and that it’s practical for the kind of items you own.

In my case, the space that was available was at the absolute back of the room so it was obvious that its width would expand from one wall to the other and that I would get a built-in closet. Which was fine by me!

When planning out where your drawers will be and how many shelves you’ll need, try to think about making things accessible according to what you reach for every day (like, don’t put your underwear drawer at the highest position so you need to climb on a stool every time, sounds obvious but you never know..). Another tip I have is to think about the general storage space you have left in your home. I live in a tiny flat for instance, and I would never have found a better place to store my ironing board and drying rack than in my wardrobe. I also store the vast majority of my shoes under my bed but it was too much of a faff to lift the bed every day to find my shoes (and I know they would just end up lying around on the floor eventually) so I decided to put a couple of sliding racks inside my wardrobe to store my most worn shoes (which allow me to fit 8 pairs in total).

Here’s the layout for mine if you want to have a look:


DIY or Have it done

It’s more convenient to have your wardrobe done by an expert because there’s no risk of making measurement mistakes, but building your own wardrobe by yourself is totally doable.

There is plenty of videos on the Internet about how to take measurements and where you must be piercing. So grab your measuring tape and go to your nearest construction supplies store to buy the tools and boards you’ll need for your shelving options.

I’d say the most expensive thing you will need are the doors (if you opt for sliding doors). It also depends if they are plain, mirrored, glossy, etc. Wooden doors can be trimmed if you made a mistake but it’s not the case for glass. So check everything out twice.

Build Your Own Wardrobe
Build Your Own Wardrobe

Hangers, Hooks & Accessories

Of course now that you have a brand new wardrobe to welcome all of your precious clothing items, you might want to find the proper way to store them. You can either be consistent and choose one type of hangers for all your clothes or be practical. Bonus points if you manage to do both! I personally love the wooden Ikea hangers that also come in this shape. I have a mix of both, plus a few non-slip hangers because I just hate it when a shirt keeps falling off its hanger. For my numerous skirts, I like to use hangers that have clips.

To store my bags, I choose to hang them as well (when possible) by using a few hooks bought at Ikea. It helps them keep their shape and it’s great for seeing what you’ve got at one glance.

Ikea really is your best friend in terms of organization and if you need them, you can also use space dividers and storage boxes to make your life easier. My summer clothes/formal dresses/etc go into a big storage box that rests on the top shelf and dividers are great for underwear.

Build Your Own Wardrobe

Do you have any handy tips for organizing your wardrobe?