On Living With Intention

On Living with Intention

If you’d have told me about the concept of living with intent a few years ago, I probably would have brushed off that idea, thinking it was all too spiritual and that it wasn’t really for me, not understanding fully what it meant. I lived in my own bubble, with a boring routine and a protective family. While there’s nothing wrong with the latter, I sometimes felt like I was letting the days go by, incapable of being the main actor of my own existence. I was complacent and not doing much about it.

Have you ever felt that way? No matter how much you believe in the fact that you have to change something, you can’t summon the courage to actually do anything but start comparing where you’re at in life? While I still feel like this in some areas of my life (because let’s be honest, I think self-doubt is a friend an enemy I’m most likely to spend my whole life with) I’m much more familiar now with the notion of living mindfully.

It’s probably due to the numerous mentions of this way of life that seem to pop up everywhere these days, but I’m really starting to believe in it and to embrace it. It’s freeing, in a way, to let go of judgment and to start living for yourself.

This year I want to try to appreciate what I have and do more of what I love. I want to try new things and I also want to find my feet. It’s important to not care so much about how much people take and how little they give. But be aware of giving enough to the people you care about. As long as you’re at peace with yourself, do not fixate on the little things that you wish were different. Do your own thing.

“Go bold or go home” is a mantra that have been resonating in my mind lately. For something as trivial as my looks, I’m considering for the first time ever changing my hair. I’m very much tempted to get bangs while I’ve always been told it wouldn’t suit me. I’ve had a fringe during my whole childhood after all, and what if it does suit me? I need a change and feel like I should go after what I want.

Getting clarity

Being clear on my goals and purpose is something new for me, but to move forward I believe it’s the only way. So I’ve wrote down a list of the things I wish for this year, as a reminder to work towards my intentions.

  • Buy flowers; I think I have a somewhat reasonable amount of plants in the flat now but my vases seem to always be empty. I love flowers but the fact that they die so quickly always puts me off. It would be great if I could buy myself flowers from time to time as there are so many lovely ones.

  • Bake more & work on my food photography; That was already a goal of mine last year but with the move and everything, the baking activities were kind of put on hold. I’ve bought and I’ve been gifted new props recently along with a tripod, so I can’t wait to try out new things in the kitchen. I’ve got a list of pastries to bake and shoot going already.

  • Start saving again; Setting up an automatic transfer to my saving account again would be great, even if it’s a small number each month, as it tends to stress me out if I don’t have anything going to savings. Just a personal preference.

Living with intention
On Living with Intention
  • Go somewhere in France; I’ve been meaning to do this for so long since I’ve got a car, but a mini road trip in France at about 2-3 hours from Paris would be awesome. There’s so much to see within this distance. It can be a trip to the coast of Normandy or a visit of the castles of the Loire Valley. I just want to do it with a buddy. Anyone interested?!

  • Read; I’ve rediscovered the pleasure of taking the time to read during the day (especially on weekends) and I’ve really enjoyed taking 30 minutes to 1 hour to read either in the morning after breakfast or in the evening before dinner. I’m used to reading novels before bed, but I want to take the time to also read those big and beautiful hardcover books.

  • Get into a new routine; I’m trying out taking yoga classes for the first time and I think I do it mainly for the me time, and because it allows me to escape my thoughts. I’m really not into exercising but I feel like I’m getting some (my muscles are so sore and my body hurts a lot afterwards) without it being a chore. Thumbs up!

What does living mindfully mean to you?