Mini Haul: Charlotte Tilbury

Hi lovelies! I hope you had a beautiful start of the year and that you’re all doing well.

To be honest, it’s been a bit tough for me to get back in the swing of things after the little break I took at the end of the year. I think maybe not settings goals for 2017 wasn’t such a good idea as I feel as miserable as I was in December and still lack motivation in general (maybe due to the cold weather and few plans). Think I’ll work on those goals to have some kind of a mindset reboot.

I’m drifting away from the main topic of this article which is about trying a new make-up brand: Charlotte Tilbury (does make-up cheers you up too, though?!). I mean, I’ve already kind of tried it before but not properly. I love the Light Wonder Foundation that I’m using everyday but wasn’t all that blown away with the pencils.

Two of the most praised products though were the palettes and lipsticks, and I wouldn’t miss such an opportunity to try one of each while planning a visit to London.

I’m sure other products deserved my attention but you know, budgeting and all that!


Bond Girl

The Matte Revolution lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury have been described as, well, revolutionary as they offer a matte finish while being comfortable enough to wear. I must say that I went to the counter without any preconceived idea about which formula nor shade too choose from, except that I knew I was more used to wear sheer lipsticks than bold ones.

After a good swatch, I was almost instantly drawn to the matte lipsticks in the shades Bond Girl and Walk of Shame. I picked up Bond Girl out of the two and I’m really pleased with it. I think the browny undertone goes well with my skin tone and it’s so much different from what I already own. I feel good wearing it.

The Dolce Vita

I think of all the Luxury Palettes, The Dolce Vita was the most appealing to me as I could see myself wearing every shade. The copper shade was a new kind of color for me to try out and I wanted to go back to wearing bronze shades as well. I’m definitely in love with all the shades here and use them all (but not all at once as I like more subtle looks) which is the most important thing for me.

The only downside I find to these eye shadows is the longevity which is not that great, to be honest, or at least not as good as MAC, even with a primer.


Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury yet? What should I try next?