Living Solo: Things I’ve Learnt

Living Solo: Things I've Learnt

So last week marked 6 months of me living on my own and I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on my experience.

A lot of you guys were able to relate to my article about leaving home at 26 so this post might help those of you who haven’t left home yet and those who have will maybe recognize themselves or tell me that I’m doing it all wrong, who knows! (If that’s the case will you please share some of your insight?!)

The Day To Day Joys

Once I was comfortably installed, I’ve settled into my new routine pretty fast, and with it came a few things that I really enjoy doing.

One of the simplest pleasures is, for example, sipping my tea on Sunday mornings in front of YouTube videos. It’s very relaxing and a change from the weekdays. I also really appreciate the time spent in the kitchen cooking! Sometimes I just don’t if I’m too tired during the week but it’s exciting to experiment at the weekend. And when it’s good, it’s so gratifying. The only downside is that sometimes it takes more time to come up with something for a party of one than to actually eat the thing. I still love to bake but I clearly have to find occasions for it because eating all the cakes alone isn’t acceptable. Or is it?

Living Solo: Things I've Learnt

When it comes to grocery shopping, I found that I like a mix of large supermarkets where there’s a great variety of product and local markets. The toughest part is to find the right balance when it comes to what to buy and especially in terms of quantities so there’s as little waste.

Another thing I love is having friends over. Perfect for a homebody like me who still wants to socialize from time to time. I find that having someone over or going out once or twice a week is a good ratio, at least for me because more is pretty exhausting.

Dealing with loneliness

Living alone can sometimes be seen as a way to retreat to a bubble of loneliness but it doesn’t have to be that way. Of course, there are times when I feel like I’m in my head too much because, well, there is no one else but me around here. But at the same time, I am not really alone either.

I’m in a very busy city and I can be surrounded by people whenever I want to. So of course, it’s not the same as living with someone. But on the other hand, it gives me time to reflect and I have a lot of me time. I’m free of doing whatever I want at any hour of the day (when I’m not at work of course).

I’m going back to see my family every week and I’m constantly in touch with them. Sometimes I am asking myself why on earth did I choose to remove myself from a lively home but I really need the down time and quietness so I’m very happy nonetheless to have done it in order to move on with my adult life and I’m proud to see that I can take care of myself. 

Learning to budget

What considerably changed when I moved out was that I had to learn how to budget and I’m honestly not sure I’ve got this down completely yet. It’s quite a tough task to apprehend when you never had to pay for anything other than personal shopping. I’m now self-sufficient and supporting all the costs by myself (mortgage, furniture, appliances, groceries) which would be quite different if we were two.

The deal is to actually have enough to pay for all of these while saving up for mishaps and still be able to treat yourself from time to time. To be honest, I’m just not there yet with the saving part but there are months that are easier than others and that’s when I’m tempted to indulge because I really do think we all need it from time to time as it allows us to lay off the pressure a bit and life isn’t about always making concessions in my opinion. 

To help me budget I’m using an app where I log all my expenses and incomes and it allows me to have a better vision of what’s left at the end of the month when I’ve deducted all the recurring charges. I can’t do without it now and think it’s a life savior! 

Further reading

If the topic speaks to you, I came across this article about living alone the other day and found it really interesting. My friend Candice also shared her views on being alone and it’s well worth a read if you haven’t already.

Do you have any experience about living alone? What is it or what was it like for you and do you have any tips?