The Confidence Boosters

The Confidence Boosters

Every now and then, we all have our moments of doubts and feel a bit down towards life in general. Our confidence takes a hit and it becomes essential to get back on our feet. While it is important to put your mind at rest by figuring out what went wrong in the first place and try to make things better, sometimes all you need is a little push to make you feel comfortable in your own shoes again. So here’s a list of trivial things that do really help me by boosting my confidence.

A Killer Outfit

You don’t have to go way out of your comfort zone to find an outfit that works. Sometimes, going for the simplest things is best as long as they fit you perfectly and highlight your features. Whenever I wear this pair of jeans from Asos I feel so much prettier because they tend to be slimming and to compliment my curves. I find that a V-neck jumper/t-shirt is also a good bet as it will flatter my neckline without being too revealing. Find out which outfits you’re comfortable in and if they seem to be well put together whereas you haven’t put too much effort into it, that’s even better.


I struggled for many years with heels as they tend to hurt my feet so much. Now that I go to work by car it’s so much easier to just put on my heeled boots/sandals as I don’t have to walk much in them. It might be silly but the fact that the heels resonate on the floor make me feel like I’m more present. They also help with posture as they make me feel taller and stand straight.

Red Nail Polish

Don’t be afraid to go for the red/orange nail polish or the bright lipstick. They can make you look much more confident in an instant. They also easily uplift any boring/low-key outfit. Basically, anything else that makes you feel pretty will work at boosting your confidence. It can be makeup (I feel really uncomfortable without eyeliner for example) or a nice hairdo.

What are the things that help you gain your confidence back?