Why It’s Okay If You Haven’t Landed Your Dream Job Yet

In today’s post we’re approaching the topic of career paths, (not) being your own boss, and the benefits we can take from every experience.

Why It’s Okay If You Haven’t Landed Your Dream Job Yet

It’s true you can find inspiration in the simplest things, and this blog post makes no exception. I had a conversation the other day with a colleague that really stuck and comforted me in my choices while giving me a bit more guidance into that abstract thing that is a career. I don’t really like the word career because it sounds quite pompous to me but maybe it is yet another french thing that isn’t quite perceived in the right way (like success and money for example, but that’s another topic).

Anyway, let’s get back to my colleague. I never really had a chat that long with her but we always said hello to each other. Some people really have that ability to make you feel at ease, you know? With her being so positive and genuine, talking with her about professional experiences and expectations led me to look back on mine and try to assert what I’ve been through, what I’ve learnt so far, and where I’m at.

I came to the realization that I like to go with the flow. Like, if I’m good with where I am, I don’t think I should reconsider my choices. Sure I have ambitions and I like to be challenged, but I’m not crazy about it and I’ll start reconsidering if things don’t go my way. If I get bored, feel like I’m not learning anything new or get in an uncomfortable situation whatsoever, then I’ll start wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. That’s just my philosophy but of course, you have the right to think differently!

To be honest I once juggled with the idea of being an entrepreneur as I started taking internships in small startups and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with people that take the leap and give their business everything they’ve got. It still lies in the back of my mind today but I know that it wouldn’t work for me if I’m not 100% invested in the cause or if I have any doubt in the success/accomplishment of the original business idea. I also know I would have to surround myself with people that believe in that idea just as much or else they’ll slow me down and It’s gonna be a big fail.

So as of right now, I like not being my own boss and working in a big company. It’s a lot less personal for sure, but there are some pretty nice advantages. I know that I’ll get paid at the end of the month and I don’t have the pressure of outdoing myself every day. But I think what I like the most is that since I started working in a big company, I gained so much confidence. Because I know that I’m good at what I’m doing, I mean, I know my stuff, and people trust me with my knowledge. Knowledge is a position of power and people will come to you expressing their needs because they give you credit. Of course, it’s okay to not know something and people won’t make you feel bad about it because you’re just human, nobody can know it all. Anyway, I feel like this is turning into a pep talk but if you want to read more about confidence, I wrote an article on the subject a few months back.

What is also great to acknowledge is the steps you take when you work on a new project, with a new team or just in different conditions. I know I learnt a lot on the social aspect of my job and I’m now quite certain that I love having a lot of interactions with other people from the company. It’s safe to say that I really enjoy getting to know the people I’m working with as well as having them on the phone (who am I?!!). There’s a lot to learn from other people and it makes me want to connect more with them in general and stop being the introvert that I am. I’m not saying that I don’t accept my personality or that it is wrong to be like that, actually, I’ve embraced it and now I want to open up and try new things.

Are you working in a positive work environment? How do you feel about your job and what are your expectations?