Let’s Sit Down and Have a Chat #2

Let's Chat
Let's Chat

It’s not often I do this kind of posts, so this article doesn’t really have a purpose, I’m not gonna discuss a topic in particular, but I think it’s only fair I give you some news!

You might have noticed that I don’t pop here as often as I used to. I’ve said before that I don’t like rushing and botching, and so I don’t believe in forcing yourself to come up with something if you’re not inspired. Although sometimes inspiration comes from working, let’s say it’s not worth it if you’re not motivated.

To be honest, I haven’t really had the time lately to think about new content, to the point where one of my favorite things to do on the Internet, reading other blogs, has been on hold for a while. I read a post or two during the day if I stumble on it on Twitter, but I don’t have time to catch up on my feed. Moving out of your parents’ house is a big thing to adjust to, both on the organizational and emotional side, and as you can imagine, there’s a lot more housework! My job is keeping me pretty busy as well as one of my colleague left and I’m now getting twice the workload! I must admit that I like having a lot to do, though, as I cannot stand being bored all day long.

Talking about work, I did go to a training course last week, which was pretty exciting as it was an advanced WordPress course to learn how to properly develop themes and plugins. I’ve been executing what I’ve learned for work purposes and I really enjoy it. It’s motivating me to rethink my blog design and do bigger things with it, but I know I should focus more on the content right now, so we’ll see about that.

On another note, I’ve baked quite a lot this past weekend as I’ve held my housewarming party and I can’t wait to do more with my new KitchenAid than pizza dough and lemon cake, so expect to see a few food related posts as I’ve also gotten a new cookbook! Having friends over is, like, the best thing and it fills me with joy to cook for them!

By the way, how beautiful is that planter my friend got me for my living room? I’m obsessed!