Finding Your Voice in The Blogging World

Finding Your Voice in The Blogging World

Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses

What you can do and cannot do is something to consider when you’re trying to find yourself. It’s important to set yourself little challenges in order to improve yourself / your blog but don’t fall into a cycle that can be vicious if those challenges are set too high.

For me, it’s the writing part that is always the hardest and takes the most time and effort whenever I start working on an article. I enjoy brainstorming ideas but I often don’t know how to put words behind them. The double language often discourages me and that’s the part that is slowing my process.

However, I try to compensate with photography and I know that I’m far from being content with mine (even so when I start comparing) but getting to improve that aspect of my blog is something that I consider quite fun and if I’m happy with how my photos turned out in an article, that will get me far more excited and inspired when working on the content itself.

Define your limits and stand behind your standards

I definitely think it’s important to stay true to yourself when writing a blog because being honest and authentic is something that I like to find in other bloggers. I will never write something I’m not really interested in and won’t put something up if I’m not comfortable with it either. If a post of mine has a great response and engagement from my readers that will eventually boost my confidence and push me to expose myself a little more in a future post, but it’s all about baby steps. Nobody’s asking you to jump into the lion’s den.

Enjoy the process

All in all, I think blogging is all about having a good time on the internet and you should enjoy the process (whichever yours is; taking pictures, editing, writing, etc) more than worrying about what people might think of you and who’s gonna read your post and how much clicks you’re gonna get. I’m very much okay with my readership and who cares if I only post once a week or once a month here? As long as I’m happy with my content and the topics I’m sharing with my readers. It might be a bit cliché, but it’s really more about the journey than the destination!