My Flat Renovation Project

Ah, at least a moment to write a new blog post. I’ve just had a week of vacation and all I’ve done is going back and forth to my new flat and packing up stuff! Anyway, I decided it was time to take you down the road of my renovation project today so I’ll be talking about the whole process and how I’ve decided to style my new flat.

When I was looking for a flat, I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted but I knew I didn’t want a brand new construction. I looked into a few old buildings and found that the flats that had just been renovated didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t something I planned but choosing a flat that needed a whole lot of renovations is probably the best choice I made. Of course, it had a cost, but it was my blank canvas, I could do (almost) everything I wanted to make it feel like home from choosing what kind of floors to where I wanted to put the toilet. 

It’s been a long journey to get to how my flat is looking right now, but I’m pretty satisfied with the work that has been done in the flat. I’m still not sure about the kitchen backdrop and still haven’t bought the wardrobe sliding doors, but I’ll get to it.

There’s a few bits and bobs that are missing as of today so I’m waiting for the flat to be as finished as it can be in the next few weeks to take photos, but in the meantime I’ll go through my styling choices along with a few Pinterest pictures that inspired me in some way.


I knew instantly that I wanted white cabinets with a wooden countertop. My kitchen cabinets would have gold/brass handles and there would be shelves to put some cookbooks and jars.

What I didn’t know yet was that I would switch places between the kitchen and the bathroom a week before the renovations started. The kitchen would soon become an open kitchen and it would be the room you directly step into when entering the flat. I was getting rid of a ridiculously small hallway that didn’t serve any purpose and gained a square meter in the kitchen and in the bathroom as well. More storage space!

In the end, I chose to have cabinets that had no apparent handles (sleek front doors) and no shelves. 

The floor is a mix of both hexagonal tiles (of a light grey shade) in front of the cabinets and wooden boards that mark the entryway and carry on to the living room.

Flat Renovation Project: Kitchen Inspiration

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The bathroom is now located right behind the kitchen. It has a large window so a lot of light is coming into the small room. I love that, even if it meant I had to find the perfect blinds so I don’t have to worry about any unwanted peeking.

On the floor, I chose the same hexagonal tiles as the kitchen ones, except they’re in a much much darker shade, almost black. I find that it was the most convenient thing to do regarding hair and dust that can quickly gather up on a bathroom floor.

A rounded bathroom sink was something I was looking into to make the room a little less conventional and I chose the faucet accordingly.

The walls that surround the shower and the toilet are covered with white tiles and the other ones have a pale greenish paint that I had a hard time choosing. My original idea was something like the greyish green on the picture below but I found it made such a small room a lot darker and instead went for something much lighter.

The only thing left to be done here is to find a nice wall sconce to put on top of the bathroom mirror. I generally don’t like to invest in objects that are too trendy so I’m taking my time.

Flat Renovation Project: Bathroom Inspiration

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Living Room

Both the living room and the bedroom have the same wooden floors as the entryway. I originally wanted a herringbone pattern for my floors but have been told it wouldn’t look as good in such a tiny flat. I still carry the herringbone floor in my heart for when I have a bigger apartment eventually someday. One can dream. 

The light grey couch was quite the investment piece of my living room but it is absolutely beautiful to my eyes (the fabric is a velvet that’s oh so soft and it really catches the light) and it is very comfortable. I bought two dining chairs that have a kinda matching color and a small square dining table. It’s lacking a bit of life at the moment because I need to add plants and frames, and I also need to find the perfect TV sideboard that is not too large but can contain enough stuff. Not an easy task let me tell you!

Flat Renovation Project: Living Room Inspiration

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In the bedroom, there was already a built-in wardrobe that I’ve decided to scrap and re-do entirely. 

The room is quite small (like the rest of the flat, I think you got the idea) so the only way to fit the bed without too much trouble was to put it in the center of the room. I wasn’t seduced by the idea that it wasn’t gonna rest against a wall but it allowed me to make the headboard as a piece of furniture in itself as it will serve as bookshelves that I will have access from behind.

The thing that bothers me most is that I don’t have the space to fit a proper desk/dressing table but I guess I can’t have it all!

Flat Renovation Project: Bedroom Inspiration

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What do you think of these?
PS: Since I wrote this post, I had another week of vacation and moved into my new flat! :)