The Amazingness of Crossing Someone’s Path

The Amazingness of Crossing Someone's Path

It might just be a silly thing to say but, do you ever think twice about your actions? The people you meet? The time spent with others? Today’s (weird) thought is brought to you by yours truly.

Moments Shared

Am I the only one finding it amazing, if you think about it, that every time you meet someone, have a conversation with them, or more, you’re sharing a moment that will become a memory common to you both?

It must sound a bit naive, but to me crossing someone’s path is like that privileged opportunity, an instant established in time, in which you find yourself taking part in a situation that is mutual to at least two persons. When you look back to the sequence of events that occurred in your life, think about all of those that this friend, colleague, or loved one can also refer to; whether it be a sweet memory or a tearing one.

Being more conscious

I’ve been fiddling with this simple thought and it got me thinking that maybe it was important to bring more value to the time spent with the people you care about. I’m now making it a priority to spend more quality time with them and to be more conscious about my attitude. Of course, it’s pretty easy to be negative from time to time, if you had a rough day for example, but in the end, if you’re not making the most of a situation you can quickly fall into a vicious circle and end up having regrets for not enjoying the present.

Cherish the moments you have with your loved ones, they are precious.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject!