Being More Mindful With My Beauty Purchases

Being more mindful with my beauty buys

Obviously, this article could have just been a mini haul but I think telling you about what I got recently isn’t really the most interesting thing to talk about so let’s exchange ideas about what it is to be more mindful with our purchases, shall we?

As you guys know now, I’ll be moving out soon, and it’s without great surprise that everything costs a lot when you leave home and have to start from scratch. This means I’m constantly trying to save money and right now, I can’t behave like I used to, meaning buying whatever I fancy even if I don’t really need it. That’s why I’ve been putting my beauty purchases on hold for a while, only going back to Sephora when I’m running out of something.

I definitely want to be more picky with beauty stuff while still being able to take pleasure in buying makeup. I’ve found that adding items to a list of things to try vs facing empties and having to repurchase is a good balance. It’s even cooler when both meet like you can be running out of something and taking advantage of that to try something new!

This is totally what happened to me with the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. My second purchase of Benefit’s Roller Lash is getting to the end and I had heard some great things about Marc Jacob’s offering. It’s the first thing I tried from the brand and I’m not disappointed at all! My lashes are very well defined + I find that it adds a lot of length and volume. I also finally got my hands on a Fresh Sugar lip treatment thanks to a 15€ coupon. I love it so much because it’s so creamy and smells delicious, but sadly I’m going through it a bit too fast and at that price (25€, for a lip balm), I’m not sure I’ll be able to repurchase soon (sad face).
Something I didn’t buy but I got as a gift from my friend Brittany (actually it was a while ago but I don’t think I talked about it before) is this blush in Sugar Plum by It Cosmetics. We don’t have that brand in France so I was delighted after Brittany kindly sent me this product. I love the color and the fact that there’s kind of a highlighting part to this powder, it looks so pretty on the cheeks! Now I’m all set with blushers and I definitely don’t need another one (although I picked up Bobbi Brown’s Nectar Blush the other day for my mum and it is a beauty).

Next on my beauty wishlist is a MAC lipstick as I still haven’t tried any (about time, right?) and probably a new concealer, there’s not much left of my Clarins Instant Concealer but I don’t know which one yet. I also want to try the very famous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation someday, but that’s not for anytime soon and the Too Faced Hangover Primer that sounds promising.

Being more mindful with my beauty buys

I’m sure you also have an on-going wishlist if you’re a beauty lover too. So what’s on yours?!