Let’s Sit Down and Have a Chat

Let's Chat

It’s a rare thing for me to just talk about completely random topics in a single post, but I thought I’d pop by and explain the absence, update you on a few things and share links to articles I enjoyed lately, if that’s okay with you. Yes? Let’s go then!

As you may know, I’ve bought a flat a few weeks ago and it’s been pretty much taking all of my energy lately, along with work and family matters. The flat is not fit to live in right now as I’ve got renovations going on, but progress is being made.

I’ve got a few posts brainstormed as I want to take you in on my journey (purchasing the flat, choosing furniture, moving in, etc.) and I hope you’ll be on board with it!

I see my blog as a place to exchange ideas and share all things inspiring. I don’t want to ever see it as a chore and so if I’m struggling right now to find the courage to write a few words in the evening, I believe it’s okay. I know I should be more consistent in order to make this place more alive and bring in more people, but I don’t want to have to write rubbish articles just for the sake of posting something. There will be light topics as well as deeper ones in the future, but they shall not be rushed.

There are a few articles I read these past two weeks that I loved and I wanted to share them with you. Erin, from Earnest Home Co, shared her tips on how to style open kitchen shelves and I find hers to be absolutely dreamy and elegant. I also enjoyed Giada’s post on lingerie and the effect it has on body confidence. I definitely think lingerie is the starting point to feel good in your own skin and clothes; some pieces can be extremely pretty. I’m nowhere near having kids, but Siobhan’s piece on her relationship with her one-month-old baby girl was particularly moving and as weird as it may sound, I think I can totally understand when she talks about being confident in doing baby stuff in public.

Enough talking about me now, what are you guys up to lately?