Decorating My New Home: A Wishlist

Home Decor: A Wishlist

With the joy of getting my own flat comes the fun of decorating every corner of the place (it’s so small there isn’t a lot of corners but that’s okay!).

I’ve started ordering a few of the « big things » like the couch, bed, and kitchen appliances, but in terms of home decor, there’s still a lot to be done. I think I’m also waiting to settle in to add a bit of my personality into styling.

  • 1. Pillows and cushions can bring colors into a neutral interior. I do love to keep things simple and to me, this cushion is the perfect example of something quite delicate. 
  • 2. I find marble bathroom accessories super pretty with tones like dark grey and wood. They sure are super expensive though so I’m still hesitating to get those.
  • 3. I don’t know if a rug will do in my small space yet, but I find they really bring the main components of a living room together consistently. 
  • 4. I’m on the hunt for the perfect table; it has to have a perfect size, the perfect wooden top, the perfect kind of legs. Too bad we don’t have West Elm here in France. 
  • 5. I’ve already splurged on a light blue linen duvet but I’d like another set of neutrals like a blush pink or a light beige.
  • 6. These MUJI glasses have a pretty minimalistic design but they are also quite heavy which seems like great quality. They look amazing for everyday use. 

What are the trends that you like for interior styling?