A Talk about Fashion Styling and my Favourite Brands

Fashion Styling: Favourite Brands

Looking back on my teenage years, I can now face the fact that, yes, I’ve always struggled with clothes and my appearance in general. Obviously, there were things that were “in” at the time that nobody would ever wear again nowadays, but fashion isn’t something I really followed back then anyway.

I remember catching sight of an old photograph and asking my mother how on earth could she have let me get out of the house with that tight tee that was so short that you could take a peek at my not-so-flat belly. Glorious.

Well, I’m definitely glad that things have changed and that I know now which cut fits best. I know instantly if I like a piece or if it’s trash but sometimes I also need that little push from a relative or friend to try on something I’m attracted to but wouldn’t normally wear in order to get out of my comfort zone more and more.

Fashion Styling: Favourite Brands
Fashion Styling: Favourite Brands

I guess over the years, the variety of brands helped me find my own style and even if I’ve fallen out of love with some, here’s a short list of the brands I’m addicted to lately.


Okay, so let’s start with the patriotic (and most expensive) brand. Launched a few years ago by French entrepreneur Morgane Sézalory, I particularly admire the brand journey (exclusively sold online and an impressive success) as well as the quality of their items and the helpful staff. I don’t tend to buy a lot from them so it’s a completely #treatyoself brand for me.


I love COS as there are so many « chic items with a twist ». I think they make the most interesting basics you can found. I don’t agree with everything they do (some things are really weird to be honest), but the cut and fabric of some of their offerings are in my opinion worth to notice.

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When the store first opened in Paris I was so excited! I had bookmarked a few pieces from their website and couldn’t wait to see them in store. I always find something cool and different (relatively, I’m really not that eccentric a person) and I love it in the Autumn when they release their burgundy and camel shades.


Oysho is the best for loungewear. I’m skipping the underwear section entirely but for pajamas and comfortable clothes, I’m all in. I also adore the sweaters, socks, and (extra large!) scarfs.


Probably the most affordable of the lot tied with Oysho (they are owned by the same brand), I like how Zara makes fashion accessible. I always turn to Zara when I need something like a shirt or basic tee/cardi without the need to spend lots!

Fashion Styling: Favourite Brands
Fashion Styling: Favourite Brands

What is your relationship to fashion and what brands do you like?