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Current Living Inspiration

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If I ever have to follow another career path, I think being an interior designer/stylist would really be something I’d enjoy very much. I’m not saying I’d be very talented at it, but I would find it really exciting!

Now I may have a problem these days as Pinterest might as well be my homepage as it is ALWAYS open in my browser but I’ve been pinning a lot these past few weeks and picked up quite a few ideas for my own flat.

Wall lamps & Linen bed sheets

There’s something quite luxurious about having your bedside lamp mounted on a wall, plus it makes you gain so much room on your bedside table.
I find that neutral linen bed sheets make for such a quiet and peaceful environment to sleep in.

Current Living Inspiration

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Airy Bathroom & Frames on the wall

White & grey are in my opinion essential to a light and airy space. As my flat is pretty small, I’m gonna try to make it as luminous as possible with soft colors. A few planters, frames and light fixtures can also give life to the living room.

Current Living Inspiration

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Kitchen dreaming

White, Wood, Marble & Brass are elements that I want to find in my kitchen. I think it makes it look pure and luminous.

Current Living Inspiration

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What do you think of these trends and what are your favorites?