3 TV Shows To Watch

3 Shows To Watch

It’s been a while since I talked about tv series here, but I’ve been watching a few new shows and these are in my opinion well worth the time!

The Astronaut Wives Club

I was a little bored this Summer and decided to start the show when I took a plane to fly out of the country. It’s a show about going to the moon, but mostly about progress and women in a constantly evolving society.

The main characters are made of 7 different wives (and their husbands) and these women, my friends, are pretty inspiring. From their looks to their will to fight for a better life, they are a joy to follow. Plus, the makeup of these strong women totally amazed me. This show is a short one (10 episodes, no more), so it may seems like it’s going a bit too fast, but it’s a lovely one.

The Affair

I already introduced this show on MSH when it started last year, but I need to talk about it again now that I’ve watched the entire first season and the opening of the second season. The Affair isn’t your typical show. The approach isn’t like anything I already watch and that’s a thing I love about it. The episodes are always made of two sides of the same story, from a different point of view, and it’s really interesting to learn how men perceive things as opposed to women. The opening credits are amazingly poignant and set the mood perfectly.

Sense 8

For someone who loves to travel, who loves good photography, and who isn’t annoyed with controversial subjects, I’d say Sense 8 is perfect. I love the fact that the show takes the time to tell the story of the characters, we really get to know them a bit more with each episode. The sci-fi doesn’t disturb me much, I mean, there will probably be no rational explanation to some of the things that happen in the show, but I’m okay with that and the fact that there isn’t a lot of action or that it isn’t really telling a story per se makes me enjoy it even more. There are some really powerful scenes and dialogues and again, the imagery is beautiful.

What are the show you love watching lately? Anything you'd like to recommend?!