Letting Go Of Your Body Insecurities

Letting Go of your Body Insecurities

I don’t know about you but I’ve never felt confident about my body. There are some parts that I’m pretty happy with, and others that I should probably tone / firm / slim down / whatever.

But most of all I’m very modest when it comes to show off some skin as I think it’s a private matter and you’ve got to maintain some mystery anyway! (call me grandma)

That’s why I always dread the moment I have to put on a swimsuit. Let alone when I’m surrounded by friends or family at the beach, the fear of being judged is always there.

I’m bringing up the subject today because during my recent holiday, I tried my best to let go of those insecurities, and it was liberating! I went makeup free most of the time, only putting on a minimal amount of products when going out in the evening, showed off my knees and didn’t hide behind a pareo on the beach. And for once, I couldn’t care less. There were situations where I even thought I would look ridiculous if people noticed that I bothered putting on makeup.

I came with the realisation that we’re all the same, human. With gorgeous features as well as singular flaws.

What annoys me most though, is the fact that I can’t feel the same right here in Paris. As of today I can’t go out without a decent face and I’m not bold enough to wear skirts and dresses in the Summer (I’m okay with black tights). You may think that it’s silly, and it is, but I can’t help it, there’s something here that prevents me from dressing as I’d like to. Is it the city? Is it the people that make me uncomfortable in the subway or in the street? Is it the high standards? I don’t know.. what do you guys think about all that? How do you deal with the lack of body confidence?