5 Things I Enjoyed Lately (#3)

5 Things I Enjoyed | Tea in the Morning

Hello my dear readers! I’m back after a couple of weeks of vacation for some much appreciated downtime and I can’t wait to get back on the blogging bandwagon and share many things with you.

Today I’m getting back into the swing of things by telling you about what made me happy these days.

Tea in the morning

A few weeks ago I decided to stop drinking milk in the morning (I don’t drink coffee), as I was having a not so cooperative stomach anymore. I’ve been drinking tea every morning (and after lunch when I’m at work) now and I very much appreciate this new ritual. I mainly drink Earl Grey but I recently got into fresh mint tea (I used to hate mint with a passion so that’s surprising) and also discovered pomegranate tea on my last trip, which is absolutely delicious.

Web projects 

When you love the web and all things related to it (particularly web design and web development), you can get frustrated about working for others and start dreaming about how you could use your knowledge to work your own projects. I’ve been doing quite a good amount of brainstorming and coding recently and this has left me being very excited.

Book lovin’

One of the things my best friend and I love doing is wandering in Parisian bookshops. On a recent visit to Galignani, I stumbled upon some really fascinating cookbooks and all I want is to improve my baking skills and photography game. All I need is time to perform in the kitchen and people willing to eat all the cakes, ha.

Attending a summer wedding

If you follow me on social media, you must be aware that I’ve traveled to Israel this month to see my cousin getting married. The whole trip was a very lovely occasion for celebrating with my family and the actual wedding was so magnificent that it’s just memories I’ll forever cherish. 

Catching up on my favorite blogs after a semi internet break

Being away always means taking a break with social media and the Internet in particular as there is so much to explore and make the most of while you’re on another land. That being said, when I come back home I’m always eager to catch up with everything I might have missed during this time away. Needless to say I’ll be scrolling through my bloglovin’ feed like crazy for the next few days.

What did you enjoy doing lately?