Getting Things Done

I may be one of the laziest person I know, I can also say that I can be really devoted to a task. I don’t know if I can call myself a perfectionist, but I’m like never 100% satisfied with my work and sometimes I spend way too much time on something.

Like, for exemple, I’m currently working on a redesign for the blog because I’m getting a little bored of this one and I want to shake things up a bit over here.

The thing is, I started working on this new layout in MARCH. Not that it’s particularly a difficult task, but I have many doubts and constantly need to question everything. You know that feeling that you could do better? Well, it never leaves me.

Anyway, whether it applies to everyday life or work, if you’re anything like me, here are a few tips that I find help getting things done.

Dividing your tasks into subtasks

One of the first things I learned in project management, is that the more concise your tasks are, the faster you’ll be able to get them done. I don’t know about you but I like making lists about everything and just ticking something off my to-do list just feel so satisfying and motivating. Say your main goal is to revamp your whole site, feels pretty overwhelming like that. Now if you’re creating small tasks out of this one, like sketching the layout, choosing a font, designing the logo, and so on, you’ll better evaluate how much time you actually need to complete each task, and this will help you catch sight of the finish line.

Setting deadlines

If I wouldn’t fight against my « perfectionist » temperament, I would probably never finish anything. Naturally that’s not an option I can be happy with so in order to make things real and forcing myself to be more efficient, I find that setting yourself a deadline works best. Even more if you communicate about it, like I’m about to do right now. See, I’m very much willing to put my new design out there by the end of July. MSH will turn 1, so that’s the perfect occasion to have a big change. Now that I’ve said it, I have to stick to it and work my best to get it done. Plus, once it is up, I can move on to another project!

Following a mantra

I read somewhere that one of the things you can rely on when it comes to getting things done is to ask yourself « Will it take me less than 2 minutes to do this? » If so, you should probably do it now. No need to postpone the task any more. Of course there will be tasks that will take a few hours or even a few days, but that goes with my first point about sub tasking. I use this a lot and I find that it really helps.

Have you got any tips yourself to stop procrastinating ?