Bad Blogging Behavior

Bad Blogging Behavior

As you may know (if you don’t I suggest you go check my Twitter because I sometimes give updates about the blog), I was on a trip last week and took a break from blogging at the same time, apart from my last post which was scheduled. I really took my time to write another post because I felt I needed to extend the break for a short while and didn’t want to get back to blogging as soon as I was back home. Now was it a little slow around here? Probably. But did I make the right decision? Certainly. Because now I have fresh ideas and can’t wait to take actions. So is there such a thing as behaving badly with your blog?

Back in October I wrote a post about what I had learned after 3 months of blogging and while my blog is now over 9 months old, there’s still a lot of things I need to perfect and reconsider, and some of these things fall into the “bad behavior” category. 

Beating yourself up when you loose a follower and telling yourself “where did I go wrong”

In life, not everybody will like you. Well, in the internet world it’s the same and so you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Most importantly you should not take everything personally. 

Doubting every blog post idea

I blog for myself first. Even if people say you have to write about what your readers want to read or write for a specific niche, I want this space to resemble me and so I write about everything that I care about, and I just hope you’ll get on board and appreciate these things too. 

The world is not going to stop if I miss a day

Blogging is a hobby and not my day job. It’s a pastime meant to make me happy and have a good time online so there’s no point in having a lot of pressure about my schedule.  

Do not rush

My day job is taking me a lot of time and sometimes I can be rushing a bit too much when it comes to writing posts. This goes with the previous assertion and I should just take my time to write better quality posts. 

Better organization 

Organization is key. I wrote a post about things everyone could do to stay organized but I admit that it’s not always that easy. Something that’s been helping me is dividing my tasks and prioritizing with Wunderlist. I can set deadlines and move things around if I need to adjust anything. 

What are your bad habits in blogging or in general?