A Little Chat About My Dream Apartment

Dream Apartment Inspiration

Given that I might be the most indecisive person on earth, it’s kind of a miracle that I do know what the apartment of my dream is made of.
I’m currently saving up for the day I’ll move out and I’m amazed by the fact that I can pretty much picture where I want to live. It may take a few (or many) years until I can buy something to my liking completely, but whichever the place I’m gonna end up living in in the meantime, I’ll try my best to make it very me.

What I do know precisely is that I’d rather live in a flat than in a house (city girl right here) and that wooden floors/white walls/large windows would be ideal. Of course this is very subjective and my preferences are not set in stone but I think Pinterest really helped me figure out what I fancy and what I don’t.

So here’s a selection of pictures that I find absolutely breathtaking and that reflect my tastes in terms of interiors. Feel free to go visit my Pinterest for more!

Dream Apartment Inspiration

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What kind of interiors makes your heart melt?