Some Of My Favorite TV Shows

Favorite TV Shows
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I love to watch tv shows, it’s a fact. For years I’ve been trying to keep up with everything but the thing is that it’s impossible. So now whenever I want to relax, I choose to watch an episode here and there. 

According Betaseries, I watch a total of 96 shows (on and off, running and finished). To be clear, I have no intention of talking about them all. However, I’m willing to talk about some of my all time favorites, as I can be quite passionate about them. A lot have already ended, but it’s becoming rare nowadays when a new show makes it to the top of my list. 

The comfort show: Gilmore Girls 

The best for clearing your mind off and just chill out.
Favorite character: Rory Gilmore

The ‘family comes first’ show: Parenthood

Dealing with everything a large family can go through. In the good times and the bad.
Favorite character: Any Braverman (but Julia, Joel, Haddie and Amber probably are my favorites) 

The one that’s completely crazy: Shameless (US)

You just never know what crazy shit can happen to the Gallaghers.
Favorite characters: Fiona Gallagher, Lip Gallagher

The one that never runs out of jokes: 2 Broke Girls 

Dirty jokes and sarcasm are pretty recurrent in the show but I just love how it always manage to make me smile.
Favorite character: Max Black

That show about wigs (read spies): Alias

My favorite show to date. I watched the episodes so many times.
Favorite character: Sydney Bristow

The SciFi show: Fringe

Parallel universes, science, disappearances, yep, it’s a JJ. Abrams show.
Favorite character: Olivia Dunham

The single-camera setup: The Office (US) & Parks and Recreation

They’re epic, funny and deliberately idiotic sometimes.
Favorite characters: Michael Scott (The Office), Ron Swanson (Parks), April Ludgate (Parks)

The guilty pleasure: Hart of Dixie 

Originally watched for Rachel Bilson but so sweet.
Favorite character: Lemon Breeland

The one that’s all suited up: Suits

I watch for the plot. No but seriously, it is really good.
Favorite characters: Donna Paulsen, Harvey Specter

The period drama: Downton Abbey

Gotta love a serious dose of drama.
Favorite characters: Love them all!

What are the shows you like to watch?