Can a Mug Really Define You?

The Defining Mug

If there’s one personality trait I know I’ve got, it’s to be picky. So when I got to start my new client work a month ago, I resolved to bring my own mug at work. I know it is such a common and boring thing that all office workers are accustomed to, but I just didn’t have that habit at my previous job.

Obviously, I’m a big over-thinker, and it took me 2 weeks to actually decide on which mug to take. In fact, I had to go mug shopping because I didn’t like the ones I had at home. All of them were goodies from various brands, not practical or just plain ugly.

I think that what you own can reflect so much on your personality. I’m not saying that we should all possess very expensive and beautiful things because the two aren’t necessary linked. But I just like to have nice things, and this is very subjective obviously, because I care a bit too much.

This one has a minimalistic design, with a bottom part that looks a bit like a piece of pottery and makes the thing warm and cosy, in my opinion. I love it because it is delicate and simple, refined and discreet at the same time. I’m a quiet girl and this is my quiet mug, ahah.

Anyway, maybe bringing my mug to the office will help me forge new habits like drinking green tea and all, who knows? ;)

What do you think about the fact that our belongings can say a lot about us? I'd really like to hear your thoughts!