My Favorite Travel Apps & Tools

Travel Apps & Tools

When it comes to planning a trip, I just LOVE the organizing part. Some people just like to experience everything as it comes, but for me it quite the contrary. In addition to loving all things stationery and writing things in a (few) notebook(s), I’m also a tech girl at heart and absolutely love trying and using my favorite apps. Here are a few that I like to use when I get to plan a trip.

Google maps

As obvious as it may seem, Google Maps is your best friend when you need to know the route from A to B. But it can do so much more. 

For starters, I use it whenever I want to book a hotel or an apartment. If I’m wondering about whether I want to book this hotel or not, I’ll copy and paste its address on Maps and see where the actual place is; where’s the closest underground station, is there any supermarket around, does the place seem quiet or busy etc. I can even use the street view and see if I like the looks of it.

Moreover, I discovered a couple of years ago that you can create your own maps, meaning that you can for example call your map « Places to check in Paris » and include spots like restaurants, stores, museums, etc. Best of all you can share it with your travel buddies and make plans easily.


A useless but quite handy nonetheless app that counts down the days until your next event. Obviously I use it mostly for trips because they are the most exciting things! There are lots of apps that do the job but I like the design of this one. I don’t like the constant advertisements though but I’m not willing to pay for a simple countdown app. If you have any other suggestion… !


Oh this one maybe one of the best of the lot actually. Not necessarily dedicated to travel but if you’re leaving with a friend or a group of friends, it makes things a lot more manageable in the expenses department. You just have to enter who paid what (car rental, train tickets, etc.) and it instantly calculates how much you owe / how much you lent. Also working between iOS and Android.


Citymapper is great if you have a data plan on your phone. It helps with public transportation giving you the time and location of the bus you have to catch or the itinerary you need to take. It is available in 12 major cities!


I absolutely love to make list for EVERYTHING. But it can be particularly handy when it is time to pack. You can organize your lists by item type (clothes, accessories, tech, documents, …) and choose from a catalogue of products if you can’t remember what to bring. You can check the items one by one easily and your progress is saved. You can manage several trips. 


Last but not least, Evernote. How could I not mention it? Evernote is my go to app. I do everything with it. Like currently, I’m writing my post in it before pasting it into wordpress. I can access it on my phone, tablet, laptop, making it easy to sync everything. You can also chat with your contacts and share notes with them. It’s very as convenient for collaborative work as for collaborative planning. My notes includes where-to-shop / where-to-eat lists as well as wish lists and ideas of places to visit. It’s like the « first draft » of my Google Maps map.

Travel Apps & Tools

Do you like to plan your trips? What apps are you using?