A Few Tips To Stay Organized

Organizational Tips

For the last few months I’ve been working from home and now’s the time to get back to another routine. I’ll be soon working full-time at a client’s (I’m a consultant in web development) so that means I have to review some of my habits and start to organize my time a bit differently in order to keep on updating the blog regularly. Here’s what I’ll tend to do more and maybe that will help you if you’re facing the same kind of situation.

Sticking to a schedule that works

When I first started the blog, I was posting from time to time, when I felt like it, because well, there was like 3 or 4 readers. Then I was soon enough posting every two days as I got more engaged and saw my following grow. After a bit of time, I felt like I didn’t have any ideas left and that’s why I’m currently posting every three days. I find it’s the perfect time span for me to both prepare posts and coming up with new ideas. We’ll then see if it still fits with my new planning.

Having brainstorming sessions & an editorial calendar

If everyday life is not enough inspiration for coming up with fresh blog posts ideas, I tend to make time to focus on that particular task. Allowing some time to write down a few ideas can really be beneficial and I’ll probably have to do more of that in the future. Also, in conjunction with my wall calendar, I’m now using Google Calendar which is very convenient to move around blog posts. Plus you can set a different color for each category hence plan more efficiently.

Shooting on the weekend

When you work full-time, it basically means that it’s a pain to shoot in natural light on weekdays. Hopefully, days are starting to get longer so that will help, but otherwise shooting in batch on the weekend is something I might have to do more often. That way I’m reserving weekdays for editing and writing.

Planning & Writing in advance

Every so often I find myself starting to write a blog post when its due date is set to the day after. It’s kind of a bad habit as everything is rushed and basically once I’ve written a post I’m just too tired for writing the translation. I’m writing in English first, as it requires more thinking and proofreading, and then I’m left with the French translation which comes obviously more naturally and faster. I also won’t have time to check social media constantly anymore (no desktop notifications I mean), so planning tweets in advance to promote my posts should help a bit.

If you’re a blogger yourself, what is your writing process and what are your favorite tips to stay organized?