A Dose Of Inspiration For Today #3

Pinterest Inspiration

You ready for another round of uber inspiring pictures? Here’s what I’ve been into this time!

  1. I can’t believe I’m already nearing the end of Gilmore Girls (I mean, I’m only 16 episodes away from the big series finale). I’ve been catching up with the show for a while now and even if I don’t like marathoning shows (I need to savor each and every episode) I’m kind of heartbroken already. Anyway, Alexis Bledel is in my opinion one of the prettiest ladies out there and here angelic face screams for beauty inspiration.
  2. This picture by Giada from Miel Café is absolutely gorgeous and as you know tulips are my absolute favorites. They couldn’t not be a part of this post.
  3. Pinning, reading blogs, creating maps.. planning a trip is exciting and I just can’t wait to wander around Covent Garden again. Sorry if I talk to much about my upcoming trip but you have no choice I’m afraid! (Source: Joanna Tohtz)
  4. A Pinterest session never goes well without a bit of interior dreaming, and one thing I’ll look for when the time comes to move out is undoubtedly a wooden floor. This one is my favorite kind. (Source: A+B Kasha)
  5. Spring is on its way, and this look is a good one! My leather jacket made a pop up come back last week (I really am cold all the time) and we’re meant to have a sunny week so I can’t wait to wear it again very soon as I invested in one in Autumn and it’s still pretty new to me. (Source)
  6. Eyeliner is an art and I’m still trying to perfect my liner skills. I’m not doing bad but that would be great if I could achieve the same look on both eyes and two days in a row ha. Never know how it’s gonna come out. I’m digging a thin line at the moment as it gives a subtle definition to the eye. (Source)