Recently Read #7: Pretty Honest

Pretty Honest, Sali Hughes

Pretty Honest, Sali Hughes [x]

The Straight-talking Beauty Companion.

Yep, that subtitle speaks for itself. I know it has been reviewed a lot on the Internet so you probably know already all there is to know about Pretty Honest, but for those who don’t here’s what I have to say about it. Firstly, the book has been written by Sali Hughes, a beauty journalist/writer/blogger/broadcaster. The girl knows her stuff. Then it’s 336 pages of beauty talk. This I think is appealing to any beauty lover! And it isn’t, at any moment, rubbish nor repetitive. It is straight-talking, yes, but also funny and instructive.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is quite heavy so it stayed mostly on my bedside table and was the perfect thing to reach for in the evening. I loved how honest was Sali towards useless beauty products and how she instead pointed out some of her favorite products. She comforted me in the fact that I didn’t need a toner but made me want to grab a primer asap! Her tip on how to do winged liner is brilliant, and well, there is a lot more that’s worth mentioning but I’m afraid you’ll have to read it.