My Makeup Story (in short)

My Makeup Story

This post is kind of an ode to Bobbi Brown because this brand played a HUGE part in the way I now wear my makeup.

See, I wasn’t really into makeup until I began University and it was a long process until I really felt comfortable with it. Now I have a fair amount of the thing (still want more) and can’t imagine going to work barefaced. Makeup is a confidence booster (even more for those who lack confidence if I can say so myself) and is a great way to get a bit creative. Trying on and looking for new makeup is fun! Even more fun when it can enhance your features!

There was a day not so long ago where I wanted to buy some makeup for my cousin’s wedding and went to a Bobbi Brown counter to get some eyeshadows. With the help of the saleswoman I chose two cream eyeshadows and I can say that I keep repurchasing ever since. They are so great. They stay put all day and are excellent as a base for powder eyeshadow.

The lady also had me trying on a blush and a lipstick (first time ever.) and I instantly saw the difference. I just felt more alive. Those two products (shown in picture) are now firm favorites of mine.

Makeup really changed the way I see myself now and I can’t imagine ever going back.

Products that appear in the pictures:

My Makeup Story

What’s your makeup story?