5 Things I Enjoyed Lately (#2)

Five Things I Enjoyed Lately

Lots of exciting things for the beginning of 2015 and a bit of new year’s resolutions, here are the things that have made my life better in the past month.

  • Applying body lotion everyday used to be so boring and now I can’t wait for that moment once I’m out of the shower. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt body creme is my favorite scent of the moment and what I like about this (thankfully) is its moisturizing power. It leaves my legs so soft!
  • Last month I subscribed to a free month of membership at Skillshare and I can say that there are a lot of wonderful videos in there and it’s a great way of learning new things (would it be about photography, calligraphy, design, cooking, arts, etc.). If you’re curious about the website and want to try it for free for a month, here’s the link to do so (it’s a referral link so I’d get an additional month too!). You have to enter your credit card info but remember to cancel the membership at the end of your free month and then you’re all good.
  • I discovered a new blog last week and I’ve been completely obsessed with the Minimalist Baker. Dana and her husband share beautiful recipes and a LOT of tips on blogging and photography. Might sign up to their photography classes.
  • Remember my post on motivation? Well until last week, the inspiration hadn’t come and after a lovely dinner with a friend who gave me tips about how she got the motivation to take control of the situation, I felt like it was time and bought a yoga mat. I’m doing short workouts 4 days a week and I’ll be gradually adding some. Let’s take things slow and not too difficult for the beginning.
  • London 2015 is happening! If everything goes well, we’re going back for spring and this time we’re gonna stay a week and probably spend a day in Brighton. Huge highlight!

So tell me, what did you enjoy lately ?