Entering 2015: Apps To Help You Along The Way

Entering 2015: Apps to help you along the way

While I’m not fully focused on 2015 yet (haven’t set resolutions, and not ready to do so – can’t explain why), I thought I’d share some useful apps (iOS) that can help you create habits and feel good.

WaterIn: this app helps you track the number of liters of water you drink during the day. Everybody knows it’s important to stay hydrated but here you can fix goals and adapt the quantity of water your glass contains. As a bonus, you can set notifications to remind you when to drink!

Mr Mood: Mr Mood is your daily companion and tracker of your mood (obviously). At the end of the day, indicate whether you had a good day or a rather shitty one. Mr Mood tallies everything and shows your average mood over a week, a month, or the total duration of use. You’ll be surprised to see that good days come more often than bad ones!

Coach.me (recently renamed from Lift): Coach.me is a great community that helps you create habits. You can browse through the existing goals or create your own. Then everything you have to do is check-in every time you execute one of your goals.

Remember the Milk: I know you probably tried a lot of productivity apps if you’re anything like me, but I just love RTM. It’s so easy to set reminders and organize them, as well as keeping track of everything. Plus, it syncs with Evernote. Wonderful!

RespiRelax: I think it’s a french app but it helped me at a time dealing with my stress. It allows you in 3 minutes to just focus on your breathing and nothing else. You can evacuate a lot by just breathing in and out.

I’m off setting some goals now so I can follow my own advice! :x Do you know any other useful apps?