How to Get Motivated in 2015

Getting Motivated in 2015

I’m not a fitness maniac girl. In fact, my last experience in joining a gym lasted approximately 4 months and even during that time I was only going once a week. I really didn’t enjoy walking 15 minutes in the cold dark night after work to get there. Note to self: never join a gym at the end of November but more like in early spring next time.
I’m also not someone willing to give up on one of life’s greatest pleasures, and by that I mean food. I am however kinda ready to be more conscious about what I eat and at which frequency I can eat it.

But is my lack of motivation greater than my discomfort towards my own body? I’m not so sure, or at least I’m not sure it has to be that way forever. I want things to change, I just don’t know exactly how I can be 100% motivated to achieve my goals, when today I’m more near 0% (let’s say 5% because willing to change is already a first step, right?).

I was just thinking about that and I gathered a few ideas. I hope at the end of the post that you can tell me what you think and share some advice if you had this kind of experience.

Starting with the right mindset
There was a passage in Me Before You that really got to me. You see, two characters were betting on the way another one was going to spend the evening. Was she going to finish that book or actually watch television? They were betting on how boring her evening was going to be, reminding her that there’s so many things she could be doing after work.
And I told myself that I could really be doing a lot of things if I switched an evening in front of my computer by an evening of going out. The fact is that I’m an introvert that gets anxious every time I have to go out (even if it’s for meeting friends) and it’s way more easy to be complacent by feeling comfortable at home and by recharging batteries in my own comfort zone. I think I should at least try and get out more during work days. Yes, I’m a homebody and it will be exhausting at first, but that should be a way to get moving.

Getting physically active
This is probably the hardest part for me as I really dislike running or anything that requires a physical effort in general. I probably need a buddy and a good exercising program to push me to do those things that probably are for my own good. The thing is I’m so conscious about my lack of physical strength that I’d rather not have a buddy judging me for the things I can’t do, for my flaws and failures. I think talking about it to people should make me not want to fail so next time they ask me about it I don’t have to say shamefully that I quit. So I may need to introduce a routine between going to the gym or following a workout / stretching session at home with a yoga mat first.

Caring about food
I’ve never been on a strict diet and I don’t think I ever will be (except if I really have to). I don’t like being told that I can’t enjoy a piece of food if it’s all I can think about and if I’m having a bad day, I’ll be more inclined to treat myself a little. I don’t think privation is good for the mind. I just want to learn how to eat healthy food without feeling like I can’t eat anything else. For instance, I could never live without cheese. Even if my dermatologist told me I would have better skin without cow’s milk cheese. However I can reduce that amount.
Also, I had issues with my stomach this year and it kinda clicked that something in my diet needed to be altered.
So I think I’ll start by doing some research, maybe read books about beauty and nutrition, as I find the subject really interesting, and also pin some healthy good-looking dishes over my Pinterest account. Then I think it’s crucial to elaborate menus ahead and plan what ingredients need to be bought and how to cook the lot.
I think it can be motivating to track calories but I find that really boring. I tried the My Fitness Pal app but I wondered if you knew other ways.

A real program I’m talking about here and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get that motivation going and start moving. I really think I need to though. Any recommendations you’d like to share?