A Dose of Inspiration For Today #2

Favorite Pins

Fisrt off, I wanted to say that I know things have been a little slow on the blog in December with only six posts but life have been pretty hectic this month and believe me I wish I had the time to blog. Anyway, I hope you’re all fine and ready to brave the cold new year. Thank you for being more and more to follow me on social medias and Bloglovin’ (links in sidebar), it’s been heartwarming! So let’s end 2014 with pretty images, those are all my personal favorite pins of the moment.

  1. Camel coats. Aren’t they so trendy this year? Well apart from that fact, I find them really classy and elegant. They bring a touch of color for Winter and this one along with the whole outfit is everything I like.
  2. How cool are these pies, seriously? They look so neat and harmonious, it makes me want to practice. It’s ridiculous how pies are a weak spot for me, it’s just so difficult to make the perfect pie crust!
  3. Pinterest is a real source of inspiration when it comes to home design. Finding pretty pictures of interiors is what I like the most and I can say that I’m really into white/navy blue kitchens at the moment. This kitchen is one of them. Some great ideas for when I’ll get my own place!
  4. My trip to the US this summer opened my eyes (literally) on how beautiful nature can be. Yellowstone and Yosemite are two national parks I couldn’t visit this year but that simply makes me long for a round 2!
  5. Same spirit here, those fjords from Norway look absolutely dreamy. Something to add to my list of destinations to consider!
  6. Yes, it’s still possible to find pretty flowers even during Winter! We had tulips the other day at home and it was very pleasant to give our home a short spring feel. Also peonies are some of my most loved flowers so this had to be pinned.

Let me know what inspired you lately! Wish you a wonderful NYE!