How Do You Scrapbook?


For me, scrapbooking is something that is essential to keep memories organized and at hand reach if I ever want to drag myself down memory lane. However, I’m kinda lazy with the whole process and only take care of it when I have several days off ahead of me and some time to spend at home. That’s why I’ve been a little bit behind in the scrapbook department!

Also I wanted to point out that I’m doing very basic scrapbooking so I’m not talking about any decorative or creative things right here. I’m not particularly gifted to do that.

What I personally like about scrapbooking is to mainly keep track of my travels so that includes photos, tickets, itinerary, etc. And for this I use 3 stationary things: photo albums, a stock album, and a notebook.

Storing photos

Whether you are taking pictures with your phone or a DSLR, I think it’s important to print them and take the time to sort them out. With digital we tend to take lots and lots of photos and then forget about them in the depths of our memory cards and hard drives. I know it’s a process that takes time, but it’s very satisfying then when you can look back at photos in an album and feel nostalgia coming.

I’ve been using photo albums from Delfonics (here they are, but mine are larger, more like A4 format), they’re plain-colored so very simple and minimalist and you can easily build a little rainbow collection once you have several. I only have two for the moment and can’t wait to have many more memories to fill some more albums! Considering they’re made of sticky cardboard-like sheets over which you can put your pictures and then protect them with a plastic sheet (following me?), it may take a while (it’s taking me ages to align the pictures and to position them right).

Keeping tickets and small documents (maps, etc.)

It may seem silly, but I’m someone who likes to collect receipts, transportation tickets, bills, etc. in one place. It helps remember a place I’ve been during my trip and when. In general, it also stands as various souvenirs.

So for this kind of documents, I also use a little something from Delfonics, a Japanese paper goods shop that is always on point. It’s called a “stock album” and it contains pages that are in fact little envelopes in which you can separate and sort out tickets. Very handy!

Writing down everything

Well, not everything, but you know, things you want to remember. And for that I use a travel journal by Moleskine, but you could use whatever notebook you have at home. In it I write down the dates of my trips, time of departure and arrival, my itinerary, the name of my travel buddies, and places I want to see / saw (can be used before traveling and/or after).

Everything is very organized with this notebook, every piece of information deserves its own place before having a few blank pages to write anything you fancy. There are separators for each kind of trip (weekend, small trip, long journey, etc..) and the space given varies according to the length of the trip. I also use it for shopping lists and special moments that I want to remember later.

Now I just have to get moving and start writing down memories from my last trip. I shall not be lazy!

Anyway, are you someone who enjoys scrapbooking? Do you do it for every special occasion ?