New Shades

Chanel Nail Polish

Enjoying the close-up? Yeah, thought so. At least I hope you can really get what the colors look like cause I tried to keep that intact !

So the other day I wanted to paint my nails and there was NOTHING to tempt me. Like I couldn’t choose. Nothing was right for my mood. I know, real problems I’ve got here. So that situation called for a trip to Sephora as I decided I needed a new autumn shade. I was looking for something quite similar to Essie Bordeaux, which I loved but turned out pretty badly within a year (that’s why I stopped buying Essie to be honest).

By now you should know that I love Chanel polishes so I headed to the counter and fell for two of their shades: Secret, which is a nude that sits between a beige and a baby pink, and April which is a red with a tint of vintage pink I’d say. Now I know they’re not the most obvious Fall shades, but I can’t help being drawn to this kind of hues.