What I’ve Learnt After 3 Months of Blogging

What I've learnt from Blogging

I opened My Slumbering Heart at the end of July and after 3 months running this blog, here are a few facts I can tell you about my relation to blogging.

  • Each purchase / outing / baking session becomes a potential subject for a blog post
  • Hitting the refresh button on the stats page every few hours will not make the stats grow
  • The fashion posts are the most read here (and the fewer in number), too bad I’m not a fashion blogger (should I?)
  • Having a blogging buddy is the most encouraging thing to make me go on along with getting comments
  • Growing an audience is probably the most difficult thing about blogging but thankfully some amazing people naturally share the love and are willing to help you along the way
  • The posts that I’m the most proud of are not necessarily getting the most attention
  • I’ve been less focused on my job and I must find a way to not think about the blog when I’m at work
  • Keeping my own goal in mind is important and I mustn’t get distracted by stats and by how many times a week I’m able to post. Quality over quantity.