The ‘End Of November’ Wishlist

Yep, November is coming to an end and December is right out the corner. So what could be better that concocting a new wishlist with a few picks to fight off the blues caused by the grey weather?

November Shopping

Blender Cleanser
I already use a solid soap to wash my Beauty Blender but this cleanser seems a lot easier to use thanks to the container so with it I could wash my sponge and my brushes too while keeping things practical.

Pai Copaiba & Zinc Anti Blemish Serum
My Bioderma serum is soon to be used up completely for the 3rd time (i think!) and I’m thinking about switching things a bit cause my face is constantly breaking out this days and a little help from this Pai solution is something I’m willing to try. I probably also need the Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm serum but purchasing those two is clearly out of my price range.

5 in 1 Reflectors
Those reflectors seem to be the perfect tool to start enhancing my photography. It could clearly avoid my pictures to show unwanted shadows and better diffuse the light. They’re not too expensive so that could be a good start!

Pretty Honest, Sali Hughes
There has been a lot of reviews for this book so I’m really curious about it. I’m also looking for books that talk about the harmony between food and beauty so if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

All Saints Char Jumper
You may already be aware of my addiction for cosy and elegant jumpers. Well, All Saints jumpers kind of fall into this category and if we don’t look at the price tag, I could totally run to the store right now and pick this cashmere jumper.