5 Things I Enjoyed Lately

Classic Vanilla Cake | Things I Enjoyed Lately

  • I know I already mentioned it before, but this cake (see picture above) is all kinds of awesome. It has been requested and very well greeted at home for the second time.
  • I got a new car at the end of October and I’ve grown quite fond of it. It really is a change from my old car that was 16 years old.
  • I love discovering new blogs (even though I probably read too many already) so as I’ll be likely to post my blogroll very soon, I wanted to introduce you to Pauline’s fashion blog. She’s a frenchy that’s soon gonna be a Londoner (can you tell I’m incredibly jealous?) and her style is always on point. Plus, this classy girl is my best friend’s coworker.
  • Leighton Meester’s new album is just divine. It’s everything I love in music: relaxing, entertaining, and with a folk tendency.
  • Getting to learn a new web technology (nerd stuff alert) for coding web applications at work makes me want to create new web projects and the best thing about a new project is probably the brainstorming part.

So tell me, what did you enjoy lately ?