Thoughts about Food Photography

I must admit that I have a weakness for cookbooks. Beautiful cookbooks. When I enter a bookshop, I can spend hours going through all the cookbooks. I mean.. how salivating are those pictures for god’s sake??

Ha… how I wish the pictures for my recipes were that amazing!

Food Photography

A while ago (I think it was last March), I came across the Oh My Blog events (a french blog school set up by two lovely girls, Marie & Anouk) and joined in to follow a food photography class. I didn’t have a blog at the moment but was really curious about how I could improve my photography skills and that was the kind of posts I wanted to write if I ever had a blog.

Now that I do, I realize that I can only bake on weekends because it takes time both to actually bake the cake and take pictures of it.

In a way, I can’t say this course really helped me develop my sense of composition, I still struggle to find the right arrangements (+ you have to really invest in cute and beautiful tableware), but it clearly helped me getting around with my camera. I try to use the manual mode as much as possible now so that’s a big plus. But one advice they gave us was to actually try to reproduce a food photo that we like, that way you can learn from the best what works and what doesn’t, and how things are neat and organized.

There’s still loads of recipes I haven’t tried from my cookbooks but I can’t help eyeing Rose Bakery’s Breakfast Lunch Tea and the Model Bakery Cookbook that I noticed when in San Francisco.

Are there any cookbooks on your wishlist? What are your favorites?
Also, do you think investing in studio lights could really enhance food pictures?