TV Shows I’m Watching This Year

TV Shows I'm Watching This Year

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a TV show nerd (said in bio!). There are so many shows that air every day that it’s impossible to watch everything but a few stand out, in terms of quality/plot/cast, and those, I watch.

I’m a bit behind on a few shows as it’s hard to keep a steady pace between the blog, TV and well, life.. but I’m glad I started new shows this year (unlike last year) because some are very promising.
It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed come September as there’s a bunch of new shows that come to life, so here are a few of my favorite new shows for the 2014-2015 season.

  • The Affair – Such. a. good. drama. I originally was looking forward to watch this because of Ruth Wilson (Luther) and Joshua Jackson (Fringe), but after two episodes, I can say I really enjoy watching the show and can get really excited on Mondays (yes, I do watch everything a day later since I’m European!). The actors are brilliant and the storytelling very good. I love how the point of view necessarily change halfway through the episode.
  • Manhattan Love Story – Nice to see Jake McDorman (previously seen in Greek and Shameless) again! Did I already tell you I can eventually watch a show only for the cast? This comedy gives us a nice little tour of New York through each episode and it’s refreshing to actually hear the characters think which can be quite funny sometimes!
  • A to Z – Such a cute little show! Zelda’s character is played by the mother from How I Met Your Mother, and I much like her in this role. We know from the beginning that their story is doomed to an end (no spoiler I swear, it’s in the opening credits) but as it starts like a fairy tale, I’m dying to know what could have happened between those two!

Also looking forward to start someday when I have more time:

  • How to Get Away with Murder – a Shonda Rhimes show is something I have to watch! Even though I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy somewhere along season 10 (I’m having my own hiatus), I used to love it, and I watched every episode of Private Practice and Scandal. Surely looking forward to try that one.
  • Forever – Probably adding this one to the list because of Ioan Gruffudd from Ringer, ’cause I’m not even sure what it’s about (but an overall 8,4/10 on IMDB isn’t bad)!

Are you watching any of these? If not, what are you usually watching?