National Parks, Vegas, etc.

I thought I was going to split this post in two parts because I took so many pictures during my trip, but after all I think there’s not so much to say about the parks. The scenery speaks for itself in these photos.

I was impressed, really. I think I never saw something as beautiful as The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon or Monument Valley before this trip. The view was absolutely magnificent and my eyes were taking it all in. Yup, in one word, it was amazing (& spectacular – ok, two words).

I’m not gonna lie, it was a very touristy trip. We saw the popular sights and attractions but that was the point as I said in the first part of this series: visit as much as we could even if that means staying for a really short time in each city.

So right after leaving Los Angeles, we took the road 66 heading towards Arizona and stopped at Bagdad Café. We crossed the Mojave Desert and then landed in Laughlin. The next day was Grand Canyon day and it was really amazing to have a walk while enjoying such a view. Then we played cowboy and fraternize with the Navajos in Monument Valley. We also got the chance to fly over the Lake Powell and walk through Bryce Canyon, which was insanely beautiful among the clouds. We then spent some time in Vegas, Death Valley and Sequoia Park before reaching San Francisco.

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Bagdad Café, Road 66
Colorado Belle Hotel over the Colorado
Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell
Bryce Canyon
Las Vegas
Death Valley
Sequoia Park