London: part one

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already know that I spent some days on the American West Coast on holiday. Though I have a lot to share with you on the subject, I first wanted to talk about London since I visited the city at the end of May, giving me some time to gather everything!

When we decided to jump on the Eurostar with my friend Candice, we planned our trip according to our will to spend a good time, just chilling out and wandering in London. So we spent a reasonable amount of time doing some shopping, meaning no pictures taken during the first day and a good half of the second.

We then walked our way to Covent Garden to spend the evening (and ate a delicious pizza) and the next morning we visited Borough Market (and had some cheesy borekas for lunch).

London: Covent Garden London: Covent Garden London: Borough Market London: Borough Market London: Borough Market London: Borough Market