Byron Proper Hamburgers

Okay.. You probably won’t read restaurant “reviews” that often on the blog but.. that’s how much I like this restaurant !

Byron Hamburgers is a chain of restaurants that I encountered in the UK 2 years ago and I can say it’s really good! From their guacamole to their burgers, from their salads to their zucchini fritters.. everything is perfect! I think I never tried their desserts though, always too full to try them… erf, I probably need to go back to London now and have some!

Byron Proper Hamburgers: Menu Byron Proper Hamburgers: Tortilla Chips & Guacamole Byron Proper Hamburgers: Courgette Fritters Byron Proper Hamburgers: Cheeseburger

As you can see in that last picture.. we really did like the guacamole.