Interiors: The Bedroom Tour

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I hope you’re not tired of hearing me talk about my flat already (thank god I have a tiny one, right?!) but here is the last room: my bedroom! I’ve had the whole flat done, everything was a mess when I got the keys (electricity, plumbing, walls, floors, everything except the windows that are the only thing I kept). I might do a final round-up post with before and after pictures so you have an idea of how far we’ve come. The reason I’m posting this tour only now is that I didn’t have any hanging light for so long…

Recently Read no. 19

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Hey there! I'm here today with another round-up of the books I've read in the last couple of months. Pretty cool to be writing this post as I've just ordered new books from Amazon, very excited to give those a go! But more on that next time ;-) So here are my thoughts on two novels and a non-fiction that has been talked and talked about, which means that it was on my list for a long time.

Thoughts on Living Alone, a Year Later

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This week marks the first anniversary of moving towards another kind of day to day. I’ve moved into my own place to live alone a year ago now and, as you probably know, I’ve already talked several times about the subject – things I’ve learned living solo, things I’ve learned from buying my first flat and leaving home at 26 – but this time I wanted to dig deeper. Figuring out what to expect from life First of all, we all need different things in life. To some, it might be to settle down and start a family, to others…

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