What Changed Since I’ve Started Reading Blogs And Writing One

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I don’t remember if told you this fact already but, I used to have an “internet presence” long ago. I once had a Myspace, LiveJournal, the lot, before I ended up setting up my own space. My first dip into the online world was even through making fansites. Although this era kind of makes me laugh now, looking back, it allowed for two amazing things to happen: I’ve made a job out of that past time (I mean developing websites, no more fansites, thanks) and I’ve met two of my very best friends through them. It’s been over 10 years…

Chocolate & Hazelnut Mini Tarts

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Hi guys! I’m so sorry for missing last week’s post. The past week had been hectic and sometimes you just have to accept that it’s not going to happen the way you planned. It’s not often that I choose to bake a little something as I’m just by myself and so I like to get active in the kitchen when I’m off work and can drive over to my family’s with a plate of baked goods. This time, I fancied something with a touch of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth and settled on mini tarts with a hazelnut-based crust…

French Road Trip: The Bay of Somme

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I’ve set my intentions for 2017 at the beginning of the year and while I’ve failed terribly at buying myself flowers so far (the first and only bouquet I got this year is a bunch of peonies from last week from my mom), there’s one thing I’ve managed to tick off my list and it’s to leave Paris and discover somewhere in France I’ve never been to. My travel buddy (a long time friend) and I took the road to the Baie de Somme (or Bay of Somme), a region from the North of France that’s on the west coast….

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