La Rue Crémieux (Paris 12th Arrondissement)

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Yes! At last I motivated myself to go out and wander off Paris’ streets to take some photos. And how lovely it was as the weather hasn’t been as chilly for the first time in months. I went to the hairdresser last week and I usually love to go in the morning when it’s potentially sunny afterwards. I’m so anxious every time I decide to go that when it’s done, I feel invincible and ready to make the most of the day. Am I the only one? La rue Crémieux is a street in the 12th (yes, it’s the same…

How to Build & Organize Your Own Wardrobe

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I’ve yet to post my bedroom tour (there’s not much else than a bed and a wardrobe anyway!) but something I wanted to talk about is how I organized my wardrobe. It was necessary to start from scratch as the space was empty in the room and because of its weird sizing, I had to have it custom-made. You could, of course, take those tips with you and apply them to an Ikea wardrobe, it would work just the same! Plan it out If you happen to have the chance to choose the layout of your wardrobe, it must be…

Be Your Own (Cheer)Leader

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This is not a fashion post. Or maybe it is one in disguise. But I wanted to illustrate this personal post with a picture of myself and this turned out to be some kind of a photoshoot in the end and an occasion to renew my profile picture to fit the theme. So this is a bit new but I guess that’s okay! Going on with today’s topic, which is very close to my heart… A little bit of a backstory When I look back on my younger years, I know that I have been several times in the shadow…

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